I'm an Experience Designer specializing in Service Design, Omni-Channel UX Design & Product Design.

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I've worked on projects for Nike, Xerox, Meyer Corporation, Playstation and more. I'm happy to walk you through my portfolio in person.


Digital + IRL

I consider how the people you serve navigate their journey with your organization using both online and offline interactions. For example, I worked with a women's health clinic mapping out how patients learned about the clinic and what needs they had. I used a search-based digital workflow that led the patient to making their first appointment. I continued mapping the patient's journey through their visit and then online support after the visit. In doing so, I was able to create a consistent and predictable experience that made the patient feel valued, supported and in control of their care.



Analytics Reporting Analyses

Content Audits

Content Strategy

Competition/Market Analsyses

Work Flow Audits

Product/Service Demos

Journey Mapping

EcoSystem Mapping

User Interviews

Stakeholder Interviews

Wireframing Prototypes

A/B Testing

Archetype Creation

User Stories


About Me



I get excited by omni-channel organizational problems and service design opportunities. Our environments, both digital and physical, play such a huge role in how we see and interact with the world, each other, and our ourselves. Our environments reflect our current situation and many times, the choices made by us and others.

The first half of my career was, fundamentally, content strategy for physical retail spaces (merchandising & space-planning). I started as a visual merchandiser working in department stores designing displays. Eventually, I worked for Macy's Merchandising Group analyzing trend forecasts, sales reports, and in-store traffic patterns to map merchandise, establish visual statements and partner with regional VPs to ensure a supportive logistical infrastructure was in place.

I became interested in digital when the iPhone came about and computing became mobile. I liked how the mobile phone meant that you could make computing a part of your physical environment.


In the past 5 years, I've worked mostly as a consultant partnering with agencies such as Enjoy The Weather, Mutt, and Monumental as well as working with startups. I've also worked as a commercial photographer and I've been able to shoot for Nike, Intel, Adobe, Lexmark, Vacasa and more. However, I learned I enjoy photography much more as a hobby and UX is my primary career path. 


I'm most interested in full-time opportunities—somewhere I'd like to be for a long time and using my talent and experience to solve real problems. In addition to retail, I'd love to work on enterprise or healthcare projects to make people's work more meaningful or make navigating healthcare more accessible and less stressful. 


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