Hey there!

Thanks for taking an interest. Clients hire me for more than my final images. I also ensure the experience is fun and professional. I have a great deal of business experience prior to doing photography full-time and that helps me understand the ROI you need to get out of the photos I provide for you. 

Photo Philosophy

I believe that expression is most important in a photograph. In order for a photo to convey your message, it needs to express the feelings that resonate with your viewer. Having said that, I obsess about the technical details. There are times when expression is so powerful it makes technical imperfections charming. Other times, technical imperfections can distort your message. So it's important to nail both expression and technical details.

Work History

I spent 8 years as a visual merchandiser working for Saks, Macy's, Gap & Martha Stewart. Four of those years I worked in visual merchandising for Macy's & Martha Stewart at a corporate level not only concepting windows/displays to be executed across 800 stores, but also styling for photo shoots. 

I then worked in digital interactive as a UX designer, Content Writer and Producer. Photography had been a hobby for over 10 years and it eventually engulfed my career.  I've now shot for Nike, Lexmark, Vitamin T, Adpearance and many other fantastic brands and agencies.