Get One Great Shot for $75 Wednesday August 31st Only! 

This Wednesday only, I'm offering a fantastic deal for people who just need a really great headshot. LinkedIn just posted an article with 6 reasons your LinkedIn headshot needs to be on a white background. A few of those reasons are: it lets the potential employer/employee/vendor focus on you, it looks professional and you also stand out. Nike hires me to do these kind of headshots (just did them for their COO and his team) as well as many other companies and ad agencies. But for a lot of people, the $500 price of my normal headshot session is more than they need. Keep on reading below for details...

I have 15-minute slots open throughout the day on August 31st at my studio (665 N. Tillamook St 97227). In that 15 minutes session, we'll get one great headshot of you on a white background. By the end of day Sunday September 4th,  I'll deliver your one great shot with basic professional retouching (retouching includes blemish removal, color correction and other technical enhancements). 

During the session, I'll tailor the lighting in a way that's most flattering for your facial features. You'll also be able to see your photos pop up on my monitor and you'll pick the best photo for you right there on the spot. You can pay by cash, check or card at the time of your session. We'll have fun! And if you hate having your picture taken, I'm your guy—we'll get a great one of you. 

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